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The WriteRight® Outshines
All of the Rest

  • Sizes fit children ages 3 to 10
  • Available for both the right and left handed writer
  • Patented shape promotes the natural tripod grasp
  • Latex free and non-toxic
  • Integrated handwriting solution

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  • "The WriteRight should be every child's first pencil."

    - Penny Mishkin
  • "The dynamic tripod grasp is the most efficient and comfortable way to hold a pencil."
    - Jane Case-Smith
    Ed.D, OTR/L, FAOTA
  • "Start training in preschool. A dysfunctional pencil grip is more difficult to correct after the age of eight."
    - Bonnie Mauer
  • "Academic performance is built on legible, efficient handwriting."

    - The Journal of Early Childhood Literacy
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A mechanical pencil and ergonomic grip all in one.

The Truly Innovative WriteRight® - Perfect for Special Needs

Before the WriteRight
img of poor grasp
Your product has really helped my autistic son, Elirone, learn to write. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.
- Christophe Dabek, Germany
After the WriteRight
Recommended by parents, teachers and pediatric occupational therapists around the globe!

This is a brilliant pencil grip!

My son, aged 6 still really struggles to hold his pencil correctly but with this grip he can independently pick it up and write with the right grip.

We have tried most other grips available but find with most others he will ignore the grip and continue to hold the pencil incorrectly, therefore needing us to manipulate his fingers into the correct position which was not great for independence or self esteem.

We hope with habitually using this grip he will then transfer the correct grip when using normal pencils.

-Mrs Bennett
United Kingdom

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