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Below are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions that we have received.   If your question isn't answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Where is the WriteRight product manufactured?
Right here in the United States! We use state of the art injection molding technology to produce the highest quality parts.

How do I know if it is sized correctly for my child?
Please check out our sizing guide found on our purchase page. The WriteRight is designed to engage the entire hand in the writing process. Slightly larger is better than too small. When properly sized, the WriteRight will generally fill the webspace when the child's fingers are positioned over its eyes.

Can I replace the pencil with something else?
No, you cannot.   The mechanical pencil accepts a 0.9mm pencil leads which you can purchase through our website  Simply pop off the eraser, drop in a lead, and you can keep writing. Our product is a writing solution, designed to keep the child focused on the skill of writing, not the placement of the grip or the need to sharpen a pencil.

A small piece of lead seems stuck in the tip of the pencil. What do I do?
This can happen and is easily fixed. Simply hold down the eraser and insert a paperclip into the tip of the pencil. The piece of lead will drop into the pencil body which can then be easily removed and replaced.

How long would you expect a child to use your product?
This answer depends upon the individual child. For those children simply correcting a poor grasp and depending upon age, retraining may take only weeks or months. For children with moderate to severe conditions, use of our product may be longer or indefinite. Please consult with a practitioner for a professional opinion.

Do you have teen and adult sizes?
These can be special ordered. Please contact us for more information.

Is the eraser latex free?
Yes!   Our eraser is certified by the manufacturer to be latex free.

Why is your grip so much better than the silicon rubber type?
There are a number of reasons, and the overwhelming consensus is that the WriteRight is the only product that engages the entire hand in the early development of writing skills. The rubber grips engage only the finger tips. By involving the entire hand, young children learn to automatically curl their entire hand into the correct position for optimal comfort and control.

Why shouldn't I use the right handed version for a left handed child?
The right and left hands are mirrors of each other, and so is our product. The device has been ergonomically designed to conform to the child's hand best when the correctly handed version is selected. For convenience, our right handed version is blue and the left hand version is green.

Do you have a simple way to explain and reinforce how the child should use the product?
Certainly. One occupational therapist suggested the following auditory cue: "Pinch the eyes, cover its mouth, and wrap your fingers around its tail."

My child is snapping the lead sometimes.   What should I do?
Make sure to only click the pencil eraser once or twice to advance the lead.  If the lead sticks out too far, it becomes much easier to break.   Keep in mind that the WriteRight also teaches how to apply the correct pressure to a pencil.  A snapping lead is helpful feedback for the beginning writer that they are pressing down too hard.

Do you offer a version with a pen?
Coming soon!   We will be introducing a new version of our product later this year for adults who prefer a pen instead of a pencil.   If you are interested in knowing when our pen product will be available, please contact us to be added to our distribution list.

Is the product lead free?
Yes!   Our product has been tested by an independent laboratory to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards.

I agree your product is much better, but it is more expensive than the cheaper silicon rubber ones. I worry about the children losing them. Any ideas?
Yes! Because our device appears like a happy little animal, we suggest parents and teachers encourage the child to give the WriteRight a name and ask them to select what kind of animal (or creature) it is. Periodic reinforcement telling the child that it is their "friend to help you learn to write" is a big help.

Why is the tripod grip so important?
According to hand ergonomic experts and occupational therapists, the "tripod grip" is the most efficient way to hold a writing instrument. It promotes the greatest dynamic control over the pencil while reducing the overall stresses in the muscles and tendons. The earlier in the skill building process our product is introduced, the more the child will tend to naturally adapt to this position permanently.

I work in a school district, and we'd like to offer these to our younger children.   Do you offer discounts to schools?
We offer volume discounts to school districts, occupational therapists, and other professionals or resellers of pen and pencil products.  Please contact us for more information.

Is the pencil included?
Yes!  A mechanical pencil is included with each WriteRight.   By including the pencil, the position of the fingers relative to the tip of the pencil is always correct.  Just press down on the eraser once or twice at a time to advance the lead.

When will left hand sizes be available?
We anticipate releasing our left hand version of our product in early May of 2016.

Is this product easier to clean than the silicon pencil grips?
Absolutely. Our product is made from a durable, non-toxic, plastic resin that creates a firm relatively smooth surface perfect for cleaning and sanitizing after each use.

I'd like to use this product with an iPad. Do you have a stylus version?
Coming soon! Our development team is working on new versions of our product. This particular version is on our roadmap.

What is the WriteRight made from?
Our new version, released in March of 2016, is made from a nearly indestructible, high quality plastic resin that is lead free and also contains recycled materials as well!

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