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Below you will find more information about the WriteRight® Pencil Grip and Trainer! If you still have questions, please check out our FAQ page or contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
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  • Thank you for making life so much easier for my son

    I've been now two years trying out different hand writing products. I can't tell you enough how happy we are since finding the WriteRight. With my son having sensory issues, writing to him was painful, stressful, and frustrating. Now he's happy to sit and write out his homework."

    - Frances Donaghy
    Kilahurk, Ireland

  • This product is so fantastic!

    This product is so fantastic, I really can't believe it. After trying all the other grips out there, the WriteRight (great name, BTW!) was so natural for our little girl to use. We handed it to her, showed her how to hold it, and in literally seconds, she was writing better. I've told everyone I know about this product!

    - Alison

  • This is the best product on the market!

    As a pediatric occupational therapist for over 35 years, I have purchased every pencil grip I could find. By far, this is the best product on the market. It easily trains children to hold a pencil with the optimal grip. It will even correct a poor grip that has already developed. Every child starting from preschool should use this product!

    - Penny Mishkin, OTR/L
    New York, NY

  • Occupational Therapist approved!

    Love these! The unique shape helps to keep the webspace open which no other gripper does successfully. The adorable design not only acts as a motivator but also provides easy to understand landmarks for finger placement. It is also rugged and made to last. As an occupational therapist I recommend these to all of my kids.

    - C Rose

  • I would like to thank you for this very good product.

    We have tested several grips (12 types in total) with my young kid who is 5 years old now, grips from France, from UK, and yours from the US, as my son really had big problems with holding his pen.

    I can tell you that Your pen is the one which he definitely preferred the most, and which helps him the most, far above all the other models ; he quickly got used to it, unlike the other models, and now has a very good position, and even likes to take it with him and write / draw with it !

    Thanks a lot for creating this grip

    - Christophe Dabek
    Bonn, Germany

  • This is a brilliant pencil grip!

    My son, aged 6 still really struggles to hold his pencil correctly but with this grip he can independently pick it up and write with the right grip.

    We have tried most other grips available but find with most others he will ignore the grip and continue to hold the pencil incorrectly, therefore needing us to manipulate his fingers into the correct position which was not great for independence or self esteem.

    We hope with habitually using this grip he will then transfer the correct grip when using normal pencils.

    - Mrs Bennett
    United Kingdom

  • This is the only grip that has helped my son

    My son has fine motor issues, and as such has used a number of grips to help him with his handwriting. We have used the Grotto Grip, the Triangular Grip, as well as others. Nothing seemed to work right.

    This is the only grip that has helped my son tremendously!!! The transformation is nothing short of amazing. It makes such a huge difference for him. His teacher now even uses his handwriting as the model for the class, as he writes so well with the WriteRight.

    He used to struggle so much to the point where at the age of 4, he wasn't even able to write an X. Now that he is six, he has made such strides with this grip.

    - Patricia Casey-Olsen
    Kinnelon, NJ

  • This little pencil is great!

    For the first time my daughter had a consistent grip. When she would pick it back up all you would have to cue her was to put her thumb on the eye. It was easy for her to use and really helped with her handwriting!

    I took it to the clinic where she has OT and the therapists went crazy!! They were going to order several that day for their clients. They thought it was great, too!

    - Michelle

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